Donald Trump declines to join in when crowd chants 'lock her up'

The chant began to roar through through the Quicken Loans Arena a few minutes into Donald Trump's speech accepting the Republican presidential nomination Thursday night. 

"Lock her up, lock her up," the crowd chanted, repeating what has arguably been the most popular message of the Republican National Convention. 

Trump paused his speech, exhaled, dropped his hand to the podium and looked around the arena as the chants calling for Hillary Clinton's imprisonment grew louder. 

The RNC's livestream zoomed in on a white man in a white hat reading "Make America great again" before cutting back to Trump on stage. 

Instead of joining the crowd — as he had with a previous "USA! USA!" chant — he waved his hands in the air. 

"Let's defeat her in November, OK?"

Trump may be trying to walk back the controversial image the party has projected over the last three nights. The "Lock her up" chant has offended some Republicans who have yet to warm up to Trump's brash rhetoric. 

"I wasn’t a fan of the ‘Lock her up’ chant. That’s not my style," Alex Triantafilou, the Republican Party chairman of Hamilton County, Ohio, told The Times this week. "There is a line in there somewhere.”

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