This is our look at President-elect Donald Trump's transition and the outgoing Obama administration. Here's what's happening:

Sen. Mitch McConnell reelected by Republican senators for another term as majority leader

 (Molly Riley/Associated Press)
(Molly Riley/Associated Press)

Sen. Mitch McConnell will continue to lead Republican senators as majority leader, rewarded Wednesday by his colleagues for stemming their electoral losses and unifying the party with President-elect Donald Trump.

Republican senators agreed unanimously to return the Kentucky Republican for another term, and reinstated his leadership team during closed-door elections Wednesday.

McConnell had been among the first prominent Republican leaders in Congress to cautiously embrace Trump as the GOP nominee, and his skills will be crucial to the president-elect's legislative agenda.

Despite an election in which voters clamored for change, Republicans also returned the rest of their team to leadership roles. Sen. John Cornyn of Texas will remain the whip, with Sens. John Thune of South Dakota and John Barrasso filling other slots.

The one newcomer to the top ranks was Sen. Cory Gardener of Colorado, who will serve as head of the campaign arm, the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Republicans risked deep losses in November, but Trump's coattails proved long and McConnell poured resources into preserving the majority.

In the run-up to the election, many pundits were predicting that Republicans would lose their majority in the Senate, particularly if Democrat Hillary Clinton won the presidential race.

Instead they are likely to hold 52 seats, down from 54, assuming the runoff in Louisiana is won by the Republican candidate next month.

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