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Paul Ryan says he backs Trump immigration proposals that focus on border security

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said he is working with President-elect Donald Trump to tighten the nation's immigration practices.

“What we’re focused on is securing our border,” Ryan told "60 Minutes" in its Sunday evening broadcast.

Ryan said Trump and their fellow Republicans had no plans for a deportation force that would round up people in the U.S. illegally. 

“Here's what we're working on with respect to immigration — securing our border, enforcing our current laws,” Ryan said.

Noting that Trump has discussed people who have committed crimes beyond illegally entering the country, Ryan added: “That's just enforcing laws for people who came here illegally, who came and committed violent crimes. We should enforce those laws. But really, what we're focused on is securing our border.”

Since his election, Trump has said he would focus deportation efforts on criminals. But top aides have discussed widening that definition to include people suspected of crimes. 

Trump also has said that some parts of his promised wall along the border with Mexico might be made of fencing material.

“Conditions on the ground determine what you need in a particular area,” Ryan said. “Some areas, you might need a wall. Some area, you might need double fencing. My own view on this is, whatever kind of device or barrier or policy to secure the border, that's necessary to secure the border, then do it.”

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