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Trump says he won the electoral college in a landslide, but he ranked near the all-time bottom

President-elect Donald Trump's tweet that he would have won the popular vote this month but for "millions" of illegal voters was not based on fact. There is no proof backing up his statement, and voting researchers uniformly dismissed it as false.

Also problematic was his second claim in the same tweet, that his victory was one of the rare landslides in American political history.

A study of electoral vote results by John J. Pitney, an author and professor of government at Claremont McKenna College, shows that Trump resides on the lower end of the electoral vote scale.

He won 56.97% of the electoral votes up for grabs by virtue of his state wins. That places him 46th out of the 58 elections since George Washington's era, Pitney found.

In 38 elections, the winner exceeded 60% of the vote, a lopsided verdict by voters.

Clear landslides were won most recently by Ronald Reagan in both of his elections: In 1984, he won 97.58% of electoral votes, and in 1980 he won 90.89%.

President Obama won nearly 68% of the vote in 2008 and just under 62% in 2012.

Faring worse than Trump among modern presidents was George W. Bush, who eked past Al Gore in 2000 with 50.37% of the vote, after a protracted squabble over the Florida results that ended in a U.S. Supreme Court verdict favoring Bush.

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