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Electoral college vote

'No fireworks' as Nevada electors cast votes for Clinton

Nevada’s six electors cast their votes for Hillary Clinton on Monday afternoon in Carson City, reflecting her victory in the swing state despite losing the overall electoral college vote to President-elect Donald Trump.

Clinton won Nevada by almost 3 points over Trump, and the swing state was one of her few bright spots on election day.

The six electors – five from northern Nevada and one from Las Vegas – cast their ballots before about 75 people who had packed into the Old Assembly Chambers of the state Capitol. A few brought signs in support of Clinton, and there was some applause when the votes were cast. It all took place in less than a half-hour.

“No fireworks,” said Wayne Thorley, deputy secretary of state for elections.

He said about 40 people showed up in front of the state Capitol in the morning in sub-freezing temperatures to also show support for Clinton. Thorley said he hadn’t anticipated a lot of controversy as the electors were required to sign a pledge before voting that said they wouldn’t deviate from Nevada’s Nov. 8 election results.

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