This is our look at President-elect Donald Trump's transition and the outgoing Obama administration. Here's what's happening:

Obama says Trump is committed to NATO

President Obama said Monday that President-elect Donald Trump is committed to NATO, and he pledged, just before leaving for meetings in Europe with key allies, that there will be “no weakening of resolve” in the U.S. role in the alliance.

During their first face-to-face meeting last week, Trump expressed “a great interest in maintaining our core strategic relationships” – including NATO, Obama said. Trump had repeatedly put that commitment into question during the campaign.

Obama, who throughout the campaign expressed deep concern about a Trump presidency, also tried to play down fears of Trump during a White House news conference, saying that the U.S. role in world affairs is “the result of countless interactions and arrangements.”

Later Monday, Obama was to depart for his final scheduled international trip while in office. In Europe and South America, Obama will meet with more than a dozen world leaders and try to explain an election outcome that he lobbied against and that threatens his own legacy.

Just before the president walked into the White House press room, Trump aides revealed he had spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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