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Q&A: What you need to know about the Wisconsin recount

 (Michael P. King / Wisconsin State Journal)
(Michael P. King / Wisconsin State Journal)

"This is certainly not Bush vs. Gore," a Wisconsin elections official said Monday.

Well, what is it? 

The state is initiating the first significant candidate-driven recount in a presidential election since the 2000 ordeal in Florida between then-Vice President Al Gore and eventual President George W. Bush.

This time, though, Donald Trump is certain to remain president-elect after Wisconsin’s nearly 3 million ballots are re-tabulated. But the fight here and potentially in other states has given third-party candidates new rationale for seeking public attention for their causes, and it has given Trump fresh ammunition to trash his opponents — as well as, bafflingly, the political process in which he just secured the presidency.

Here is a look at the issues involved in the Badger State and elsewhere as the seemingly unending 2016 presidential election seeps into overtime.

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