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Donald Trump's PTSD comments are 'ignorant' and 'harmful,' Hillary Clinton says

Hillary Clinton sharply criticized Donald Trump for his comments on military veterans and post-tramautic stress, which have drawn criticism for his suggestion that "strong" veterans don't have to worry about the disorder.

"Donald Trump's comments are not just ignorant, they're harmful," she said, raising concerns that such remarks increase the stigma surrounding mental health.

"Every one of our troops matter. Their wounds could be visible, or they could be invisible," Clinton said.

Vice President Joe Biden has already teed off on Trump, calling him "completely uninformed."

Trump's campaign has defended the candidate, describing his comments as a sensitive recognition of a difficult issue.

“Mr. Trump was highlighting the challenges veterans face when returning home after serving their country,” retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a Trump advisor, said in a statement.

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