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LAUSD and UTLA are too big

To the editor: The United Teachers Los Angeles rally in downtown L.A.'s Grand Park crystallizes for this L.A. Unified School District teacher the idea that both the district and union are too big to serve the interests of students and their families, just as class sizes of 45 or more per teacher are too big. ("Teachers union rally in downtown L.A. draws thousands in call for contract demands," Feb. 26)

The super-sizing of our local education bureaucracies does serve the interests of district and union leadership in terms of power and pay. But this size also incites polarity, as the humongous scale of these entities magnifies conflict while overshadowing common interests and collaboration.

A potential solution involves students and their families organizing to advocate on behalf of legitimate expectations and rights as the customers of L.A. educators, with one possible objective being to reshape both union and district to less monolithic and more humane scales.

Mark Gozonsky, Los Angeles

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