Letters: Grocery stories, meet your customers

Re "Grocery shopping is going high-tech," Sept. 8

So, grocery stores are installing new technology to let managers know when the store is busy and more checkers are needed. How is this an improvement over having a well-trained employee assess the situation, pick up the house phone and say, "All checkers to the front, please"?


I forgot: Grocery stores, like other businesses, are trying to eliminate employees.

Silly me.

Carolyn Gill


If stores really wanted to improve service, they would take a page from 20th century technology and install buzzers in their "service" delis. I shop at a number of different Ralphs locations, and as often as not, the only assistant behind the deli counter is making sushi.

When most assistants are "in the back," there is no way to attract their attention. No doubt there is much work to be done behind the scenes, but not at the expense of waiting customers' time.

Beryl E. Arbit