Letters: Struggling but not getting ahead

Re "More resigned to 'lower class,'" Sept. 16

Susana Garcia may feel she is resigned to lower-class status, but she is first class in our book. In spite of all the odds against her, she supports her family in the best way possible, being the loving caretaker of her daughter and her granddaughter.


We help the homeless at St. Joseph Center in Venice. In this rough economy, many borderline homeless are fed daily there. Those who earn the minimum wage are just one paycheck away from homelessness, since most cannot save. And things may not get better any time soon.

"Working class" is no longer a term of pride but an indicator of struggling to stay afloat.

Cecelia Kennelly-Waeschle

Cliff Waeschle

Beverly Hills

How do people expect to raise their standard of living if the same mistakes are made over generations? Garcia did not get to complete her education because she was "pulled out of school to care for her baby sister as a teen." Her young daughter is now a new mom, which makes it more difficult for her to get a proper education. And where are the husbands and fathers?

People need to think carefully about the choices they make in life.

Al Kaufman

Aliso Viejo