Letters: Healthcare law is just that -- law

Re "Healthcare in the balance," Opinion, Oct. 6

Doyle McManus states that "a law is only fully settled once both parties accept its permanence."


I don't recall ever reading any such language in the Constitution, nor have I read any interpretation of the Constitution to this effect anywhere. In fact, the Supreme Court has upheld the healthcare law as constitutionally valid.

McManus' words are a recipe for anarchy, as a group of citizens or a political party can opt to ignore law — even shut down the government — if it doesn't agree with democratically enacted legislation.

Greg Ryan

Woodland Hills

The Republicans in Congress who shut down the government might just view their death grip on Washington as a last-ditch fight for the party's survival.

Just last year the GOP's presidential nominee wrote off 47% of the electorate as dependent on government largesse. If, as billed, Obamacare affords untold millions newfound access to healthcare, that percentage will surely swell to a majority. Thus, Republicans deem no tactic too ignoble so long as it serves to sabotage Obamacare.

The GOP's "suicide caucus" needs to understand there's still a place for enlightened, pragmatic conservatism in America's governance — but not for what amounts to political terrorism.

Edward Alston

Santa Maria