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  • California senators advanced three immigration-related bills Tuesday, including a proposal to fund legal aid for immigrants in the state who face deportation.
  • What has each member of California's congressional delegation said about President Trump's executive order on immigration? Find out your representative's position here.
  • California's congressional Democrats came out forcefully against Trump's immigration directives over the weekend, while Republican members of Congress held their fire.

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California Senate leader Kevin de León: Trump's immigration plans sow fears of 'raping and pillaging'

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) meets with Los Angeles Times Sacramento bureau reporters on Jan. 19, 2017. (John Myers / Los Angeles Times)
Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) meets with Los Angeles Times Sacramento bureau reporters on Jan. 19, 2017. (John Myers / Los Angeles Times)

California Senate leader Kevin de León said Thursday that incoming President Donald Trump’s planned crackdown on immigrants in the U.S. illegally is sowing fear of “marauders coming into a village and raping and pillaging.”

The Los Angeles Democrat told Los Angeles Times Sacramento bureau reporters that the new administration threatened California’s fundamental values. He pledged to continue his role at the center of the state’s political resistance to Trump, especially on immigration, climate and healthcare policies.

Trump officials have indicated that the new president could move soon after he takes office Friday on plans to increase prosecutions of those suspected of violating the country’s immigration laws and make high-profile workplace raids. De León said Trump wanted to “seed confusion and chaos” with his proposals.

“It almost seems that they want to shock and awe and instill fear,” De León told Times reporters.

On healthcare, De León said Trump and the Republican-led Congress’ plans to repeal President Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act could lead to millions of Californians losing coverage if no replacement is passed. The state, he said, doesn’t have the $20 billion needed to backfill the losses in federal subsidies used to expand the state’s healthcare rolls under Obama.

Republicans, he said, will have to own the effects of those changes.

“The blood will be on their hands,” De León said. “Because there's no hyperbole or exaggeration when I say people will die as a result.”

De León also shared the concerns of Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), who has said that Trump's election was illegitimate due to alleged Russian involvement in hacking and disseminating information damaging to Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“He may have secured the presidency through illegitimate means,” De León said of the president-elect.

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