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Trump issues more executive actions on national security

President Trump kept up his frenetic pace of executive action on Saturday by signing new directives that put his own imprint on the national security apparatus.

Trump signed executive actions to reorganize the National Security Council and to direct the joint chiefs of staff to present him with a plan to defeat the Islamic State terror organization, according to White House officials who have seen the documents and described their content to reporters.

He also issued a five-year ban preventing people who work for him from lobbying his administration after they leave it.

The action came right on the heels of a controversial executive order on Friday closing U.S. borders to refugees from around the world and temporarily halting immigration from several mostly Muslim countries.

Despite the number of executive actions in the past few days, aides to the president said they were being done carefully and after weeks of consideration.

“Everyone who needed to know was informed,” one official said of Friday’s executive order.

As he signed the executive actions, Trump defended the Friday directive. It is "not a Muslim ban," he said. "It's working out very nicely."


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