Football: It's 4 degrees in Bloomington, Ind., and Alexander Diamont is having fun

 All-City quarterback Alexander Diamont of Venice graduated early and is finishing his first week at Indiana and couldn't be happier even though he said the temperature was four degrees on Thursday in Bloomington.

"The combination of school and football is so intense that I don't have time to worry about the temperature," he said in a text message. "But I'm loving every second so far. Lots of pretty girls, which I can appreciate coming from Venice High.

"The last week has been more mentally and physically challenging than anything I've done in high school. And it's only the first week."

On Sunday, Diamont will be honored by the Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame as its boys' high school athlete of the year. He won't be able to make the ceremony because he'll be freezing in Indiana but enjoying every minute of it.


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