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Alex Torres thinks safety first -- not fashion -- with gigantic cap

San Diego pitcher wasn't worried about fashion -- obviously -- when he wore his protective cap Saturday night

Didn't San Diego reliever Alex Torres look adorable Saturday night, out there pitching against the Dodgers in that oversize cap just like a little kid wearing his dad's gear?

Not the look he was going for?

Well, how about trend-setting, like maybe he was trying to start a new fashion craze kind of like those dudes who wear their gigantic jeans down at the knees?

Still no?

OK, fine. I'll just say it -- he looked ridiculous.

But that's not the point. Actually it was all about safety, as Torres became the first major league pitcher to wear a protective cap approved by MLB back in January. He said he's had it for about a month, getting used to it while playing catch before trying it in a game.

“If it can save your life, why wouldn't you?" said Torres, who was with Tampa Bay last season when Rays pitcher Alex Cobb was struck on the ear by a line drive and suffered a concussion. "I'm not worried about how it looks if it works.”

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