Jose Canseco offers to help Justin Bieber 'with his life problems'

Jose Canseco probably shouldn't be helping anybody straighten out their lives, especially not Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has gotten himself into more than his share of trouble in recent years.

If only the young music superstar had a respectable, upstanding adult to look up to ...

Jose Canseco is not that person.

But he might think he is. The disgraced former baseball star tweeted Thursday, "I am in Canada and would like to help @justinbieber with his life problems and scrawniness."

What a nice gesture. Certainly this would have nothing to do with Canseco looking for a little publicity for his current tour of the U.S. and Canada while attempting to break the distance records for home runs in baseball and softball.

Of course not. Surely the offer to Bieber, who just happens to have more than 52 million Twitter followers, came out of the kindness of Canseco's 'roided up heart.

So listen, Biebs, you may need a little guidance at this point in your life, but trust me, Canseco is not the guy to turn to for that.

Although Canseco might be the right guy to help with the "scrawniness" issue. After all, he did write a book called "Juiced."

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