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Were the identities of twins Rex and Rob Ryan switched as babies?

A Buffalo News article suggests the identities of Rex and Rob Ryan might have been mixed up as babies

Rex Ryan might not really be the coach of the Buffalo Bills. And there's a chance Rob Ryan isn't the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints.

How much of a chance?

feature story on the identical twins posted Monday by the Buffalo News claims "there’s a good chance [parents] Buddy and Doris mixed them up. On multiple occasions."

The article states their birth certificates say that Rex was born five minutes earlier than Rob, but "there is no guarantee which one truly is which."

Even their mother couldn't be sure.

“The nurse would take one away when I was done feeding and bring me the other one,” Doris said, “and I’d swear, ‘I think I just fed this baby.’ ”

Of course, it doesn't really matter in the long run. The guy we've always known as Rex is most definitely the Ryan brother we will be seeing on the sidelines with the Bills this season, and the person who has always answered to the name Rob will be running the Saints' defense.

Still, the possibility that an accidental switch may have occurred at some point does exist.

“I would’ve had a better name,” Rex Ryan said. “We’ve laughed about it before. I probably really am Rob, and he’s Rex. Isn’t that funny, though? Who knows?”

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