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Where to find springerle and speculaas molds

Maybe you remember them growing up, those heirloom German cookie molds dressing up the kitchen wall. Though they make great decorations, the molds also produce showstopping cookies -- and they're making a comeback.

Springerle molds (and their larger speculaas-mold cousins) are turning up in more and more places, and not just estate sales and antique stores. You can now find original designs and reproductions of classic molds in stores and online. The creative and often intricate patterns include animals, flowers, knights, hunters, religious and seasonal holiday motifs.

Reproductions of classic molds -- individual molds and rolling pin designs -- are available at Sur La Table stores. Prices range from $25 to $100. Also check your local cooking and baking supply stores for availability.

For new original molds, check out and Reproductions are available through, and Antique originals can be found on auction sites such as Prices vary.

-- Noelle Carter

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