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Las Vegas' newest arena will have a signature cocktail -- and it's T-Mobile magenta

Will the Atomic Fizz be to Las Vegas what the mint julep is to Churchill Downs?

Tony Abou-Ganim hopes so. The bartender who promotes himself as the "Modern Mixologist" created the custom magenta-colored drink for Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena, which opens in April.

He’s no Johnny-come-lately, either; Abou-Ganim has been creating unique drinks since he helped open the Bellagio in 1998.

And as for the julep, the Louisville racetrack and home of the Kentucky Derby began serving the drink in 1938, according to Cocktail Times. So it's had a nice long run.

Guests at the 20,000-seat Las Vegas stadium will be able to order the custom cocktail, which won’t be sold anywhere else.

Abou-Ganim said the name of the signature drink —  Atomic Fizz —  is a fitting match to the Nevada desert, once the site of dozens of atomic-bomb tests.

The mixologist said the tall drink will incorporate a blend of Grey Goose Le Citron vodka, Aperol orange liqueur, agave nectar, prickly pear puree, freshly squeezed lemon juice and sparkling water.

"I’m really pleased with the way the drink turned out," he said.

Abou-Ganim added that it will be “T-Mobile magenta” in color and served at every food-and-beverage stand in the arena.

“People will look at this as part of the overall experience of going to T-Mobile,” he explained. “ ‘Yeah, we’re going to see a UFC fight or see George Strait, but we also get to have an Atomic Fizz.’ ”

People who purchase seats in the arena’s suites will have further choices, including hand-crafted mojitos from a rolling cart. Ice cubes for the drinks will have been custom-cut from 300-pound blocks.

Abou-Ganim said he’ll provide training to each and every server, so that a customer’s drink experience is more like what a bartender would provide than the typical grab-and-go experience at many stadiums.

“People are searching out great cocktails, and the entertainment-sports arena has lagged behind a little bit,” he said.

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