For the Record


Mayoral debate: In the Sept. 22 Section A, an article about the Los Angeles mayoral debate said the U.S. Supreme Court had outlawed abortion. The court in June overturned Roe v. Wade, saying the Constitution does not protect the right to abortion and leaving the question of abortion rights to be decided by the states.

COVID-19 deaths: In the Sept. 18 Section A, an article about COVID-19 fatalities said that according to state data, 152 vaccinated people died of COVID-19 in June and early July in California out of 11 million vaccinated people. Those totals referred to people who were at least 12 years old and vaccinated but not boosted. According to more recent state data, 651 people who had received at least a primary series of vaccinations died of COVID-19 in June and early July out of more than 28 million vaccinated people age 5 and older.

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