Former publishers

A list of the Los Angeles Times former publishers going back to 1882.


HARRISON GRAY OTIS, Publisher, 1882-1917

HARRY CHANDLER, Publisher, 1917-1944

NORMAN CHANDLER, Publisher, 1944-1960

OTIS CHANDLER, Publisher, 1960-1980

TOM JOHNSON, Publisher, 1980-1989

DAVID LAVENTHOL, Publisher, 1989-1994

RICHARD SCHLOSBERG III, Publisher, 1994-1997

MARK H. WILLES, Publisher, 1997-1999

KATHRYN M. DOWNING, Publisher, 1999-2000

JOHN P. PUERNER, Publisher, 2000-2005

JEFFREY M. JOHNSON, Publisher, 2005-2006

DAVID HILLER, Publisher, 2006-2008

EDDY HARTENSTEIN, Publisher, 2008-2014

AUSTIN BEUTNER, Publisher, 2014-2015

TIMOTHY E. RYAN, Publisher, 2015-2016

DAVAN MAHARAJ, Publisher, 2016-2017

ROSS LEVINSOHN, Publisher, 2017-2018