How to Obtain Rights & Permissions to use Los Angeles Times content

Please submit your request for permission in writing.
Email address:
Fax #: (213) 237-6515

Please include the following information:
1. The headline of the article and/or caption of the photo or graphic
2. Date of publication
3. Writer's and/or photographer's name
4. Describe exactly how you would like to repurpose the content. Please note if you are working with an urgent deadline.

Please allow two to five business days for a response from us. If this is urgent, you may call us at (213) 237-4919.

LA Times Reprints provides you with simple, efficient access to a vast array of content so you can:

  • Enliven corporate communications and training materials.
  • Sharpen strategies with in-depth information about your market.
  • Share industry-relevant ideas internally and externally.
  • Showcase the converge of your company as reported in one of the leading metropolitan daily newspapers.
  • Communicate information clearly and efficiently with professionally researched and produced graphics.
  • Give your audience the big picture and complete the story with award-winning photography.

Types of licenses available

Hard copy Custom Reprints:
Use these to highlight the successes of your company, changes in your industry, recent media coverage and as an independent addition to your information packages.

Web-ready PDFs and E-prints:
Post custom PDFs provided by us to your internet or intranet sites to deliver your message to your employees and clients.

Choose from photographs, illustrations and graphics produced by our award winning staff to illustrate your text, accompany your presentations and expand the reach of your message.

Include our text to highlight the message of your presentation, newsletter, corporate report and editorial product.


How do I request reprint permission to use an article, photo or graphic?
All requests for reprint permission must be received via online request form (insert URL alias to form), email or fax, 213-237-6515.

Will LAT Reprints grant permission to use its material and then send me an invoice?
No, we require payment before granting permission.

What type of payment does LAT Reprints accept?
Check, money order, AMEX, Master Card or Visa credit cards.

What are the categories for which LAT Reprints licenses material?
We license material for editorial, educational and informational purposes.

May I use quotes from an article?
In rare cases we do allow quotes to be used if the use does not alter the original intent of the article. This is done on a case-by-case basis with careful review by our staff.

What is "personal use"?
Personal use includes keeping a copy of an article for your personal reference or giving copies to three friends for their personal reference. It does not include using it in your professional portfolio, posting it to a website or making multiple copies for distribution.

Does LAT Reprints release photos that were not published?
No, we only license photographs and graphic illustrations that appeared in the newspaper or on our website.

May I alter the photograph or graphic illustration?
No, photographs and graphics must be used as published.
How to obtain a commemorative page from 1881-present:
Please contact the Reprints Department at 213-237-4565 or you can e-mail your request to

How to obtain a back issue:
Print papers are generally available for the last 60 days. Please submit your request here.

How to obtain a photo for personal use:
Please submit your request at our photo store.