Martinis in the morning? You may be a retrosexual


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Meet the retrosexual. You’ve seen this guy. Maybe even married him? He shaves with Barbasol, quotes Steve McQueen whenever possible and thinks a stiff drink before noon is his kind of triple latte. He also never apologizes for checking out a hot broad. Instead, he winks at you afterward and says, ‘She’s no you, baby.’

A new book, ‘The Retrosexual Manual,’ explores yet another species of male. Think macho to the nth degree. Black Book has listed the Retrosexual Ten Commandments. Here are the top five:


1. A retrosexual always pays for the date. If she tries to insist, so much the better. He still pays. 2. A retrosexual deals with it. Flat car batteries, house break-ins, cable TV malfunction, earthquake damage -- he just gets on with it.3. A retrosexual never acknowledges he is in a relationship.4. A retrosexual always carves the Sunday roast. Make sure you know what you’re doing -- practise on the cat, spend an hour taking notes at the kebab shop.5. A retrosexual is never seen in the passenger seat, unless it is a minicab, in which case he asks the driver if he can sit in the front.

Care to add one to the list?