Golden Globe Awards 2010: The live blog! (Live tweets too.)


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Welcome to the Golden Globes. Christie D’Zurilla and Matt Donnelly from the Ministry of Gossip, plus Geoff Boucher of the Hero Complex and Denise Martin, are in the ballroom and behind the scenes. Check back later for reports from the after-parties!

7:58 p.m.: Whoever wins best picture gets two minutes to say thanks, the voice in the sky announces. ‘Not a ‘Hurt Locker’ crowd,’ I hear next to me. As folks crowd in the back of the room to see what will win, it’s ... ‘Avatar.’ Guess its not a ‘Hurt Locker’ crowd after all. -- C.D.Z.

7:50 p.m.: Jane Lynch is beaming after ‘Glee’s’ win for comedy series. Viva Sue Sylvester. And Lea Michele looks gorgeous in her black gown. Both are backstage with costar Chris Colfer. Will someone break out in song now? -- M.D.

7:40 p.m.: Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, who won for actor in a TV miniseries or movie for his role in ‘’Taking Chance,’’ are just about the cutest thing ever. She’s got her arm thrown around him, and they’ve been inseparable all night. Not bad for an old married couple, eh? --C.D.Z.


7:27 p.m.: Not to call out other media outlets, but there was a brawl over Drew Barrymore for a one-on-one interview backstage. Awkward! -- M.D.

7:16 p.m.: I’ve been obsessed with Jon Hamm and his beard all week. Tonight, I finally got to the bottom of this hairy situation. The scruff is for his flick ‘The Town,’ directed by Ben Affleck and costarring Blake Lively. I just ran into a pal close to the movie, and while principal photography has wrapped, Hamm is keeping the beard at request of filmmakers -- possibly for additional filming, marketing shots or long-lead press. -- M.D.

7:05 p.m.: Spotted at the bar: Steve Carell on his cellphone, which is somehow incredibly funny. His expressions are, well, what you’d expect. But it’s real. -- C.D.Z.

7 p.m.: Jon Hamm has spent much of the show in the bar/smoke lounge. Girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt, who has a part in ‘24’ this year, asked him: ‘You want another Maker’s Mark, baby?’ A neighbor asked her, ‘So, you’re still back here?’ ‘Drinking,’ she said. ‘It’s what you do here. We’re celebrating just like everyone else.’ Then Hamm knocked me over onto the floor -- and apologized profusely. -- D.M.

6:45 p.m.: Backstage at the Beverly Hilton, stars are spilling into the hospitality suite, clutching awards in their hot little hands. Michael C. Hall, Toni Collette, Kevin Bacon, Julianna Margulies, Meryl Streep and Mo’Nique, among others, are running from interview to interview. Though the hospitality suite offers a pretty decent spread catered by the hotel, no celebrities are spotted snacking. Perhaps there was a reason: One very popular PR person shot a look at a display of regular Coke and balked. ‘This is L.A. Where’s the diet?’ -- M.D.

6:35 p.m.: Mike Tyson knows he was invited to the Golden Globes this year for his curiosity appeal. But when he saw he was seated ringside near a knighted Beatle, the ferocious fighter got choked up. ‘It’s like winning a new championship,’ said Tyson, who was seated with other stars of ‘The Hangover,’ in which he plays himself. Tyson was sitting quietly and taking it all in. He acknowledged that some people flinched or recoiled when he passed them on the banquet room floor. ‘I think, though, this movie is taking me to a new geographic and giving me a new dynamic.’ -- G.B.

6:30 p.m.: Ben Foster greeted ‘Dexter’ star Michael C. Hall, who won for actor in a TV drama series, at the bar in line for drinks. ‘Amazing, amazing!’ said Foster, pumping both fists in the air and then hugging him. ‘Thanks so much, man,’ Hall said. ‘You were amazing [in ‘The Messenger’]. This is my fourth nomination. Three strikes and you’re not out, man!’ -- D.M.


6:25 p.m.: Quentin Tarantino‘s table was, no surprise, the scene of some especially, uh, pungent commentary on the glittery evening. Eli Roth, the man who killed Adolf Hitler in ‘Inglourious Basterds,’ was especially gleeful about getting access to such rarefied real estate as an actor (as the director of the ‘Hostel’ films, he’s more accustomed to the Fangoria magazine banquets). ‘I slicked down my hair; I was looking for a Rudolph Valentino look, and, you know, the weather cooperated. It was great out there on the red carpet. It was like a wet T-shirt contest, but with the top talent in Hollywood. The best Golden Globes win.’ -- G.B.

6:18 p.m.: In the smoking lounge overlooking the pool, Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane called back home as Jane smoked a cigar. ‘Can you see us on TV?’ Jane asked. ‘We love you!’ said Arquette. Then Jane started clapping when ‘Grey Gardens’ won. -- D.M.

6:10 p.m.: During a commercial break, the Globes are the most concentrated (and glamorous) one-minute date affair on the planet. For instance, if you were sitting 12 feet from the stage, you would have seen George Lucas and Paul McCartney exchange a wave and seen a giddy reunion of Robert Downey Jr. and his ‘Iron Man’ on-screen nemesis Jeff Bridges. ‘Look at this guy,’ Downey said, as he embraced his Hollywood elder who, for years, has lived far north of L.A. -- even when it meant less publicity. ‘You finding more people willing to drive up to Santa Barbara these days?’ Bridges winked and smiled as he answered: ‘It’s going all right.’ Over their shoulder, Tobey Maguire and the Edge from U2 were having an intense conversation (but NOT about ‘Spider-Man,’ either on screen or stage) while Harrison Ford and George Clooney were holding forth, back-to-back and in opposite directions, oblivious that they were creating something close to half a Hollywood version of Mount Rushmore. -- G.B.

6 p.m.: Ben Silverman -- the former NBC Entertainment co-chairman whose new Electus studio recently struck a deal with its first distributor, Yahoo -- was at the bar. Wearing tennis shoes and a suit, Silverman got some help from Jeremy Piven in pinning on his Haiti support ribbon. Then, the two ordered drinks. ‘Cheers! To you. Congratulations on your new job,’ Piven said. ‘Thanks man,’ Silverman replied. ‘I had the best headline I had in years.’-- D.M.

5:55 p.m.: So, where’s announced guest Alec Baldwin? Talk at the bar is that his Academy Awards bosses told the actor, who’ll be co-hosting the Oscars with Steve Martin in March, not to show at a ‘competing’ production. -- C.D.Z.

5:40 p.m.: Colin Farrell won the Globe last year for his ‘In Bruges’ role as a haunted hit man waiting for a bullet in Belgium. ‘Totally unexpected,’ he said with a smile as he hung out on the smoking patio. Farrell only added to his redeemed Hollywood profile this past year with his role in ‘Crazy Heart.’ Farrell, though, only had praise for the film’s lead, the indestructible Jeff Bridges as Bad Blake. ‘It was a perfectly lived-in character by the time I got there and ‘met’ Bad Blake. It’s an incredibly empathetic performance. Me, well, I’m happy to be here.’ -- G.B.

5:25 p.m.: Jeff Bridges is always in style as Hollywood actors go -- this is, after all, a performer who got his first screen credit as an infant -- but this year, thanks to ‘Crazy Heart,’ Bridges found himself back at the front of the room. Sitting on the edge of the stage (in the pole position by awards-show seating chart standards), Bridges sounded like the Dude with his appraisal of the night. ‘What’s my take on the evening? Rain and train. We got rained on, then I stepped on the train of my wife’s dress. Rain, train, try to stay sane.’ -- G.B.

5 p.m.: The show begins!

4:52 p.m.: Jeremy Renner has been ‘clawing for 17 years’ in his acting career and now, thanks to ‘The Hurt Locker,’ he’s enjoyed a strange new experience. ‘To have guys like Sean Penn come up and poke you and say, ‘Hey, I need to talk to you,’ or meet Robert Downey Jr. and not have to introduce yourself, that’s just different.’ Renner was sipping a cocktail before the start of the Globes and was still in the wait-and-see mode on ‘Locker’ as an awards contender. In the film, he plays the hotshot leader of a military bomb squad in Iraq who has, well, a short fuse himself. Renner said he didn’t take the role for any reason other than ‘it was a phenomenal one,’ but now he has troops and their families approaching him with appreciation for ‘getting it right.’ Renner stopped and chewed on that idea. ‘They’re thanking ME! I’m not the one squatting over high explosives that will kill me. No one is shooting at me. But if this film helps with the understanding, in some way, then that is something I will treasure.’ -- G.B.


4:20 p.m.: Actress and newlywed Elisabeth Moss can’t wait to take her ‘SNL’ hubby Fred Armisen‘s name. It’s the paperwork she could do without. ‘It’s complicated, you know, taxes and paperwork and stuff. Eventually I’ll get around to it, but when I call places and leave my name, its always ‘Mrs. Armisen,’ ‘ she said in the packed lobby of the Beverly Hilton. As far as her heavily nominated show ‘Mad Men,’ she says cast and crew are hoping for a spring start. And did she have to give costar January Jones a pep talk for her nerve-inducing nomination for best actress in a drama? ‘She got one last year! And besides, she’s a levelheaded girl.’ -- M.D.

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Photos, from top to bottom:

Kyra Sedgwick and husband Kevin Bacon inside the ballroom at the Golden Globes; credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

James Cameron, after his ‘Avatar’ win; credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt arrive; credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images.


Mo’Nique and husband Sidney Hicks inside the ballroom; credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

Eli Roth; credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images.

Jennifer Meyer and husband Tobey Maguire; credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Jeff Bridges and his wife, Susan Geston, at the Globes; credit: Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images

Elisabeth Moss on the red carpet; credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images.