Opinion: Blue Monday


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Some observations about the parking/traffic situation at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day:

John Stodder:

The traffic was apocalyptically bad.



[T]he newly-reconstructed parking setup at Dodger Stadium [...] was as well thought out as giving Stevie Wonder a plasma HDTV for Christmas.


[T]he line for every parking lot entrance I tried was backed up for miles. It took an hour and a half to go that last mile to park and sit in our seats.

Kevin Roderick:

[T]he worst back-up I’ve ever seen on Sunset Boulevard


Sons of Steve Garvey:

[I]t was a disaster leaving.


[A]n hour after a game, the lot was still packed.

L.A. Taco:

The parking was also a huge nightmare, people I was with who parked inside the stadium took 90 minutes just to get to the Freeway.

Dodger Season Ticket Holder 1220252:

[W]hat I can’t (and won’t) tolerate is a man who made his fortune in the parking lot business charging me an exorbitant fee to sit in gridlock. In a parking lot. FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF.

Jon Weisman:

Perhaps the most discouraging indication is that the new parking attendants seem to have been hired and schooled in the same manner as the food and beverage concessionaires: without any premium on expertise or efficiency, and indeed, with no small disdain by some of them for the people they are hired to serve.


Not only is there a 50% increase for parking making it a ridiculous $15.00 now, but they are making Dodger fans miserable trying to enforce the ‘new’ system. Needless to say, it is a total CLUSTER****! Trying to get into the Stadium, I spent nearly two hours in lanes that did not move miles outside the Stadium. However, trying to get out was so much worse.

(Excerpt edited slightly; also, make sure to click on the link for the ‘Hostage Crisis at Dodger Stadium’ videos.)

The Dodgers’ Josh Rawitch:

I noticed that the comment section in yesterday’s post only included two comments on parking: one positive and one negative. I guess that’s about the same as an early peek of the morning media, as the L.A. Times seemed to have found a lot of fans who were frustrated, while the Daily News seemed to have spoken with those who thought it was better than in years past. And among my friends who came to the came, some said it was easier than ever while others battled heavy traffic on the streets before getting into the parking lot. I think that’s to be expected on Opening Day, when parking is at its absolute worst, particularly as the crowd lets out onto freeways that are backed up already from regular afternoon traffic. But, thank you to everyone for their patience and hopefully everyone will wait to see how the new parking plan works under normal circumstances. I can tell you this much - every Dodger employee parked offsite and was shuttled in to try and make more spots for the fans, so any parking issues were certainly not from a lack of effort. We are committed to fixing a problem that has lasted nearly 50 years and as always, we welcome everyone’s feedback.

Rob McMillin:

Josh Rawitch, you are part of the problem.