Kanye West’s ‘taking offense’ with Pop & Hiss writer ‘Kriss Lee’


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On Monday, at a Hollywood screening of his short film “Runaway,” Kanye West mused in characteristically magniloquent terms about his creative output. He and pop diva Rihanna are “blue bloods,” West said from the stage, explaining that their “ideas turn red when they hit the air.”

But less than 24 hours later, the firebrand rapper-producer was apparently seeing red after reading an appraisal of “Runaway” written by your humble correspondent.


West took to his well-trafficked Twitter account to vent about a Times reporter’s blog post error concerning his new album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” Specifically, it was my omission, since corrected, of the word “Beautiful” from that title in two out of three citations on the post that seemed to yank his chain.

Judging from West’s tweet output, though, he took the omission as a deliberate and personal attack.

The performer’s Twitter postings -– with their seemingly deliberate misspelling of this author’s name -- follow in their entirety after the jump:

“I would’ve taking offense 2 the LA Times review of the movie but the extremely condescending writer accidentally complimented my suit! Thx,” he tweeted Tuesday evening.

“I believe the writer’s name was Kriss Lee who so bent on giving a soulless description of my work that he decided to call the album…

“…not even by the right name… ironically but I feel more strategically removing the word ‘Beautiful’ from the title! Woooooooooooow!


“I assumed a respected media source like the Los Angeles Times would send a writer that would at least have the respect to call the album..

“by it’s proper title. It’s called ‘MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY’ Kriss... Even if your goal was to perpetuate non-positive...

“...thought association. You see what happens when you write with a negative agenda. You have the entire Los Angeles Time’s coming off..

“... like a non credible news source that can’t even fact check a well publicized album title.

“How can anyone believe anything you ever write again? I feel sorry for the LA Times more than anything for missing the opportunity...”

Having expressed his feelings, however, the Louis Vuitton Don apparently thought better of the tweets and deleted them, prompting the blog to wonder: “Publicist Move or Kanye Thought Twice About Giving the LA Times Some Shine?’ (The deleted tweets are still viewable to anyone who accesses West’s account while not logged in to


And as to allegations that a reporter “strategically” removed the word “Beautiful” from the title, “tried to perpetuate non-positive thought association” or “wrote with a negative agenda” in regard to West, that’s simply not true.

At yesterday’s thought association meeting on perpetuating negativity, West’s name didn’t come up once.

-- Chris “Kriss” Lee