‘Battlestar Galactica’ news: The show will premiere in early April, Ron Moore will direct an episode


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Ronald D. Moore, the executive producer who runs ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ is gearing up for the long goodbye by taking on a new task. He will step into the director’s chair for the first time next season as his dramatic reinvention of the hokey 1970s’ space opera treks toward the end. The final 20-episode run will kick off in — you read it here first — early April.

Moore’s work on the show as a writer-producer landed ‘Battlestar’ its first Emmy nomination in the drama writing category, where he faced off against the writers of ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Lost.’ A veteran of the ‘Star Trek’ series ‘The Next Generation,’ ‘Deep Space Nine’ and ‘Voyager,’ Moore is also juggling writing duties for the upcoming feature films ‘The Thing’ and the sequel to ‘I, Robot.’


About his directing debut, Moore said, ‘It’s the perfect opportunity to try and do it here with my family — the cast and crew of the show — who have been working together for years now.

‘For all I know, I’ll hate directing, but right now I’m hungry for it.’

seLast season ended with a stunning revelation: Four of the characters aboard Galactica that have been helping lead the resistance discovered themselves to be Cylons, the robotic race apparently set on destroying humans. Moore said he’s directing an episode set deep in the Cylon world, as well as aboard Galactica. “On Galactica, things have really begun to fall apart ... and the relationship between President Laura Roslin [Mary McDonnell] and Adm. William Adama [Edward James Olmos] is going to get pretty interesting.”

Moore’s episode, however, won’t air until after the show takes a midseason break and will kick off the remaining episodes in “Battlestar’s” four-season run. Sci Fi Channel executives have not yet determined whether the final season will all air next year or be spread over 2008 and 2009.

“I’d probably prefer to see the entire thing air next year to maintain the momentum, to build excitement as it pushes to the end,” Moore said, “not to mention it means less chance of spoilers getting out.”

Lucy Lawless will be plugged back in as D’Anna, the rogue Cylon that was deactivated last season. She’ll be back early on for three episodes, which Moore said will serve as a catalyst for the rest of the season.

And as for that fifth “chosen” Cylon? “It’s definitely been decided who that one is,” Moore said, but it won’t be revealed early. “I can’t say when, but we’re certainly not waiting until the last episode to tell you who it is.”


In the meantime, the series’ fans can get their fix from “Razor,” an original two-hour episode that serves as something of a prequel to the existing “Battlestar” mythology. It premieres Nov. 24 on Sci Fi.

-- Denise Martin