‘90210’: Teddy, Navid and Ade experiment with monogamy

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This week on “90210,” the crew seems to be experimenting with their love lives. In this episode, Silver shows her jealous streak, Navid is back in the dating scene, Gia makes a confession and Dixon takes a gamble on his birth-mother.

Silver and Teddy

Silver and Teddy go on their first official date as a couple, but the women of “90210” obviously didn’t get the memo. He’s inundated with calls from one giggling teenage girl after another. One in particular, Amy, is hell-bent on seeing him. She calls his phone, and the ring tone is “I Want Your Sex.”

When Silver turns to the wise Naomi for advice, things predictably go downhill. Convinced by Naomi to monitor his calls and e-mails, Silver discovers that Amy and Teddy have a meeting planned. Again, Naomi suggests she has him followed. They enlist poor lonely Gia to report from the coffee shop. Things are looking good for Teddy until he actually shows up to meet Amy. He saves himself by telling her that he wants to try the monogamy thing with Silver.
When Silver finds out Teddy didn’t do anything, she’s wracked with guilt. I’m not sure what’s worse. The fact that she’s going to Naomi for relationship advice or that she thinks telling Teddy she has read his e-mail and had him followed is a good idea. Of course, after she tells him, Teddy isn’t happy about it. Monogamy test failed. He asks Silver if he can have some space. I don’t know how much patience I have for Silver’s and Teddy’s on-again, off-again relationship. Haven’t we been doing this since before the Winter Wonderland formal? So over it!


Navid and Lila
Navid is back to school after being suspended for the coke Jasper allegedly planted in his locker. Despite the fact that his vendetta against Jasper is like the best story line he has been given, leave it to Dixon to convince him that wanting to protect Ade isn’t a good enough reason. What about the fact that Jasper pushed him down the stairs?

In a move that I’m sure is partially about impressing the guys, Navid asks Lila, one of his cohorts from the Blaze TV station, out on a date. They hit it off, especially after discovering that they used to be partners in the same hateful ballroom dance class when they were younger. It’ll be interesting to see how long this lasts, because it’s obvious he’s still thinking about Ade. I love that Lila isn’t your typical thin starlet. I don’t love that she has that same red-colored hair that Gia has.

Adrianna and Gia
OK, so Gia isn’t as scheming as I originally thought she was. She is pitiful, though. She’s like Ade’s surrogate bestie, but all Ade can do is talk about missing Navid. After Ade sings a little of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” Gia suggests that Ade try out for lead singer of the West Bev band, The Glorious Steinems (which is just a genius band name). I love the nod to Dolly, by the way. Ade doesn’t want to audition at first, but changes her mind after seeing Navid kissing Lila on the beach. In order to get her mind off Navid, she tries out for the group and gets it.

At the first rehearsal, guess who should walk in, but Lila! This is going to be good. Then after Gia convinces Ade not to quit the band, she finally confesses her “like” for Ade! If you saw the tease for the next episode, you know there’s some life left in this lesbian romance. Again, it will be interesting to see how it unfolds and how long Ade stays on this ride. Cannot wait to see what Navid’s reaction is to Ade going gay!

Dixon and his birth-mother
Last episode’s surprise visitor, Dixon’s mom, is causing a stir at the Wilson abode. At their first dinner together, Dixon tries really hard to show off for his birth-mother. She doesn’t seem to react to his calls for attention, though.

Later, when they’re alone, she admits she felt uncomfortable walking down their painful memory lane in front of Harry and Debbie, a.k.a. Mr. and Mrs. Perfect. When it’s just the two of them, though, they find they share a mutual love for sports. In passing, Dixon’s birth-mother tells him that she does some online sports betting. When he gets home, he logs on to an online betting site and suddenly his future looks mighty grim, right?

Annie and Jasper
Annie can’t go anywhere without seeing or feeling Jasper’s presence. While hanging with Silver and Naomi, it becomes clear to her that he’s stalking her. Earlier at the beach, Dixon returned to the parking lot to find the car he shares with Annie missing. Later at school, Jasper approaches her and admits that he stole the car. He said he was helping her, because the police could use it as evidence of the hit-and-run. Oh, lordy. Annie, you need to confess already.

Harry watch
Looks like we have a good lead as to how Rob Estes will be written out of the show. Dixon’s birth-mother is giving Debbie some anxiety, and she confides in her hunky yoga instructor, Kai. Back at home, Harry is his typical caveman self and unwittingly offends Debbie when he undervalues her feelings about Dixon’s birth-mother returning. Hm. It’s clear an emotional affair is on the horizon, but will it get serious enough to break up Harry and Debbie? Is a separation in the cards, and is that how Estes will exit the show?

What did you think of this week’s relationship experiments?

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