Bad reality show idea of the day: JetBlue quitter Steven Slater


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If the TV world bestowed on innocent viewers the wonder that is “Britney & Kevin: Chaotic” and “Married by America,” just about anything is possible.

The last decade has seen a flurry of shows inducted into the hall of reality shame, from “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” (2000) and “Temptation Island” (2001) to “Are You Hot” (2003) and “Amish in the City” (2004). And there’s no end in sight.


Heidi Montag and her BFF Jennifer “Jen” Bunney are shopping around their Malibu-based series. Ryan O’Neal and his estranged daughter Tatum are in talks to document their reconciliation for a new reality show, according to reports. Who needs privacy when there are TV cameras there to capture such an intimate moment? And Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s former fiance, with the help of Stone and Co. (“The Mole,” “NYC Prep”), is apparently looking to star in his own show, “Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office.” That’s not sarcasm -- it’s really the name they’re pitching. The show would document the 20-year-old’s political aspirations. (We’re guessing Sarah Palin will not serve as a mentor.)

Now the folks at Stone & Co. are looking to add yet another candidate for worst reality show -- a category we hope the Emmy folks will consider adding to the mix. The latest slippery slope is courtesy of a man and his slide.

Flight attendant Steven Slater, who became an instant star after quitting his JetBlue job via a slide (and with the help of some beers), is just about everywhere these days. Heck, he even met Barry Manilow! Need more proof of his induction into the pop culture zeitgeist? Donald Trump called him “despicable” on CBS’ “The Insider.” Now there are reports that the disgruntled employee is being approached by Stone & Co. to host a show in which unhappy workers quit their jobs in outlandish ways.

Calls to Stone & Co were not immediately returned.

But if a show such as “Cheaters” can stay in the game for 10 seasons, there must be a method to the reality madness, right?

Show Trackers, do any of these sound like shows you would watch? (Be honest.) What other bad reality shows had you scratching your heads? Who do you think might be the next contender for a reality show?

--Yvonne Villarreal



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