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Tapulous, the makers of Tap Tap Revenge, has just released a new addition to the family, Tap Tap Dance, which hit the App Store late last night.

New features in this game, which is like competitive choreographed tap dancing for your thumbs on the iPhone, include multi-tap and graduated-level play. In other words, there’s synchronized thumbing, and you have to complete each level to graduate to the next level of difficulty and to unlock another new feature: a song with standout graphics, also known as a boss track.

Each stage of difficulty has its own boss track, with a look and feel that sets it apart from the rest of the tracks in the level. To unlock the track, you have to complete at least half of the songs in the difficulty level with at least 85% accuracy.


Tapulous has clearly focused on stepping up the aesthetic of its games. ‘For the dance game, we brought on two graphic artists,’ said Chief Executive Bart Decrem. ‘We brought in a guy named Cactus, who’s like a legendary indie game designer. And he has his own fans and his own following. He did all the art for one of those boss tracks.’

Tap Tap Dance ($4.99)

What it is: A sequel to Tap Tap Revenge (free), a wildly popular game that raises the bar on expectations for this offering.

What sizzles: I’m still working my way through the medium-difficulty level, but so far the game is completely engaging.

The music makes you want to tap something. The tracks come from artists such as Chemical Brothers (‘Midnight Madness’), Soul Magic Orchestra (‘Compressor’), Moby (‘Disco Lies’) and Basement Jaxx (‘Where’s Your Head At’). And the backdrops give it a dance club vibe, with the people moving more the better you do.

The boss tracks are insane! ‘Technologic’ by Daft Punk, the track in the easy level, took forever to load. But wait for it -- there’s a reason. It’s, well, totally boss! The graphics on it are scorching. With earphones in, it’s practically like being in a dance club, complete with strobe lights and wall projections. The medium-level boss track by Moby is pretty sweet too.


And there are some other surprise challenges sprinkled in the game. Let’s just say you’ll feel like you need to find a third thumb for some tracks.

Each level listed shows whether it’s locked or accessible and how far you’ve gone through the level. And the songs list your best score and percentage of accuracy. The game maintains some of the competitive community features of its predecessor, with the leaderboard tracking high scores.

Did I mention the graphics?

What fizzles: Man, you still have to have rhythm and focus.

Bottom line: Well worth the $5.Tap Tap Dance has brought some bold new moves that will keep thumbs happily in motion. I think I’m addicted -- and finding some finger-tapping rhythm.

* Check it out: More from a sit-down with Tapulous’ Bart Decrem now posted.

-- Michelle Maltais

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