Which Obama commemorative gift came from the DNC?


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With Obama commemorative detritus drifting down from above like faux flakes in a snow globe, it seems everyone wants in on the lucrative post-election, pre-inauguration action. Of course, every gift and bauble is more than just a mass-produced bit of schlock -- these items are all limited edition! (Limited edition means that supplies will run out as soon as people stop buying them, which could be very soon.)

You will see these objects invariably described as ‘historic,’ ‘a treasured collectible work of art that can be proudly displayed,’ ‘priceless,’ ‘a collectible of the highest quality and integrity,’ and ‘momentous Obama memorabilia [that] signifies the changing power of democracy in action.’


A master of determining which way the economic winds are blowing, today President-elect Barack Obama himself began hawking his own Obama must-have. An e-mail arrived to the once-vaunted Barack Obama e-mail list asking recipients to help the Democratic National Committee ‘recover the enormous resources they committed to this campaign.’ All by buying this ‘limited edition’ item in order to to mark the timeless occasion of Obama’s unprecedented win.

But I won’t tell you which item Obama wants to sell you: You’ve got to guess, then find out whether you were right by clicking the links after the jump. Tell us in the comments if you got it right.

Was it:

The ‘Historic Victory Commemorative Plate’?

(‘Now you can own a piece of history!’)

The ‘Barack Obama Inaugural Dollar’?

(‘Yes you can ... own a part of history.’)

The ‘President Barack Obama Commemorative Figurine

(‘This Barack Obama figurine stands poised and ready for change... Demand will be strong for this hand-numbered limited-edition Obama memorabilia. Don’t wait to own your piece of American history.’)

The ‘Limited Edition Four-Year Calendar

(‘This holiday season, celebrate our historic victory.’)

The ‘Exclusive Barack Obama Commemorative Pendant Necklace’ (‘You won’t want to wait to own this important part of history.’)

The ‘Obama Commemorative Poster’?

(‘This is a rare opportunity to remember an important moment in American history.’)

-- David Sarno