Hunch profiles the average Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL e-mail user

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What is the average e-mail user like? Not to stereotype or anything, but Hunch has an idea.

The New York-based Web application, which is building a “taste graph” of everyone on the Internet using algorithms mixed with user-curated content, looked to its own users for clues.


What it discovered was a very specific archetype for each e-mail provider.

Gmail, the most popular option among Hunchers, is most likely to attract thin, college-educated men aged 18 to 34, according to the site. They tend to be politically liberal city-dwellers who read blogs, own iPhones and laptops and get their music on MP3s and computers.

Hotmail, on the flipside, attracts women of average build in the same age range. These are politically moderate high school graduates living in the suburbs, who enjoy magazines and contemporary fiction and usually own a laptop.

Both groups are often single, childless and extremely well-traveled.

Yahoo draws an entirely different crowd, according to Hunch: Overweight women ages 18 to 49, who tend to be in relationships of one to five years with children, residing in the suburbs or rural areas.

AOL users are most likely to be overweight women ages 35 to 64, who are in a relationship for more than 10 years and are also parents, living in the suburbs.

Both groups feature high school graduates who are also political moderates, Hunch concluded. They are also laptop or desktop owners who listen to the radio and CDs and watch TV on DVRs and don’t travel much out of the country.

All four sectors tend to be nonreligious, Hunch said.

And Hunch also figured out the more personal preferences of users. Gmailers and Hotmailers often sport a T-shirt and jeans, but while the former munches on salty snacks, the latter likes sweets. Yahoo users lounge in pajamas.


Hunch posted its findings in much more detail in a blog post Wednesday.


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-- Tiffany Hsu