Opinion: A week after his last money plea, Obama asks everyone for another $5

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It seems like only a week ago that The Ticket was whining about Barack Obama whining that after raising $605 million through September to buy the presidency, he was asking all of us one last time for just $10 more for some reason.

And we figured out that, October money aside, he’d have to spend $12.5 million a day just to unload September’s haul by Nov. 4.

The Democrat is already outspending the Republican by three and four-to-one, which if it was the other way around would surely be unconscionable.


So last night Obama dumped several million bucks on several TV networks, which they don’t mind, to talk at us slickly for 27 minutes about his change that we need.

(Transcript and video here.)

And when that was over, pingo, here comes another e-mail from Windy City HQ. You’ll never guess what. He wants more money. More. Still.

It was a blessedly short message. He called us by our first name and signed only his first name; so we must be pals. He put the entire fate of his historic campaign in our hands. ‘The campaign is in your hands,’ he wrote.

Which is a pretty big responsibility, on top of adjusting to a Pennsylvania team winning a World Series.

The good news is he only wants $5 from each of us this time. (But, alas, no car magnet this time.)


$605 million here. And $605 million there. Pretty soon, this change business is getting kinda expensive. And we haven’t even gotten to the increased taxes part of any new administration.

Barack calls this money pitch ‘a donation for the Final Push,’ which we were kinda thinking or hoping was last week. So next week we’ll probably get a plea for the First Push for the Next Drive.

Enough already!

(Another thought: Maybe it’s not the $5. Maybe it’s really the names, addresses and e-mails they’re after now for the ongoing political operation. The five bucks is just frosting.)

(UPDATE: A day later and we just got another pitch, this one from Michelle Obama, for five more dollars.)

--Andrew Malcolm

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