Opinion: Sarah Palin revives ‘stupid conspiracy’ of Obama’s birth certificate


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We’re still scratching our head as to what exactly Sarah Palin meant by her four-sentence blog post Thursday night on Facebook.

The blip, titled ‘Stupid Conspiracies,’ starts out with a clear complaint about ‘conspiracy-minded reporters’ during the election bothering her doctor and lawyer about whether her baby, Trig, was truly her son. She’s of course talking about Andrew Sullivan’s blog post, which sparked the nontroversy.

Then Palin triumphantly points out that she never ‘asked the president to produce his birth certificate or suggested that he was not born in the United States.’


OK ...

Because The Ticket spent many months in 2008 attempting to decode various statements and allusions by Palin, we’ve got the experience to give this one a crack. We’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities.

Possibility A: She wanted to take a moment to highlight that she had reached the moral high ground.

See? She didn’t question President Obama’s legitimacy as an American citizen, unlike various conservative skeptics, pundits and conspiracy theorists. Or she had already seen the birth certificate when The Ticket posted a picture of it in June last year.

We’re not really sure what point she’d be trying to make there. It’s a nonsensical analogy. It’s not like Barack Obama hosted a radio show and called her a baby faker.

Anyway, that’s option A.

Possibility B: She fought tooth and nail to restrain herself from asking the crucial question of whether Obama could produce a legitimate birth certificate during the campaign. (Again, he could.) But no more Mrs. Nice Gal. It’s time to ask questions. We demand to see the birth certificate! (It’s right there.)

So, we’re pretty stumped. Tell us in the comments: Is it option A or B? Or you can make up a completely incoherent statement and call it option C. It doesn’t matter.

[Updated at 8:55 p.m.: To clarify, the issue of Palin’s baby was raised on her blog in response to a radio interview question.]


-- Mark Milian

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