Opinion: Joe Biden update: Finally, he’s had enough


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Well, it took long enough.

But finally after so many months of listening to Americans unhappy, frustrated and angry over the chronically crummy economic situation, two-fisted VP Joe Biden has joined the crowd of fed-up voters.

He’s sent millions of Americans an e-mail headlined: ‘I’ve had it up to here.’

There’s a real sense of urgency to his electronic missive because there’s less than two weeks until the crucial midterm elections across the country. And early voting has started in dozens of states.


As countless voters have told pollsters for a year now, Joe’s tired of ‘record deficits.’ He....

...wants to move forward to implement ‘change that doesn’t discriminate between (sic) Democrats, Republicans, or independents.’ He cites several Republicans, ‘folks like Sharron Angle in Nevada, Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, and Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania (who) want to go beyond the failed policies of the past.’

And he -- oh, wait -- Biden’s blaming them.

Biden’s Democratic party and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have run both houses of Congress since winning the 2006 midterm elections. So the VP is trying to pin the blame for the country’s economic crisis on a party that hasn’t controlled Capitol Hill in four years and the White House in two. And on Angle, Johnson and Corbett, who haven’t been elected to anything quite yet.

The vice president says he and Barack ‘believe we’re only making progress when hard-working families are doing better.’ Which certainly hasn’t been in the last 21 months or so.

‘Barack and I are going to keep fighting for that America,’ Joe vows, ‘and right now, you get to decide how this fight plays out.’ Although neither he nor his boss are on any ballot, Joe, of course, would like everyone to send some money to Obama’s neverending campaign outfit.

Joe’s understandably a happy guy because in recent days he announced that he will still be on the Democrat ticket in 2012. Unfortunately for the Biden-Obama duo, a new Gallup Poll out this morning reveals that only 39% of Americans think they deserve a second term, while 54% do not. Other than that, 2012 is a go.

And, anyway, less than halfway through their assigned four years what’s Obama supposed to say about his VP publicly? The truth?

‘Joe, I really appreciate the gravitas you lent me in ’08. You were useful. But listen, you were a senator when I was on the sixth grade playground. Last June you gaffed the country a bigtime summer recovery when you knew it wasn’t gonna happen. On election day 2012 you’ll be almost 70. If you check the actual quote, what I told the National Journal was I wasn’t going to replace you with Hillary. I’m not.

‘Tim Kaine will only be 54. He’s a Catholic who’s been a governor, speaks Spanish, can inherit the Oval Office in 2016 and is a very obedient party chairman. Most importantly, Tim went to Harvard, like me and my wife.’

As they say in Hollywood when deals and promises ultimately fall apart, ‘Well, it was true when I said it.’

-- Andrew Malcolm

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