Opinion: Mitt Romney’s Obama’s ‘Misery Index’ example doesn’t seem so miserable

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Mitt Romney in April said, ‘We’re going to have to hang the Obama Misery Index around his neck’.

Thursday on Romney’s YouTube channel, the former governor and GOP presidential hopeful, posted a video about a young man who claims that times are so tough that he has to eat bologna sandwiches.

The two-minute video called ‘Obama’s Misery Index: Ryan’s Story’ features Ryan King, a recent college grad who in one moment complains that it’s hard to get a job when you have no experience (“Is it my fault that I can’t get a job?”), but in the next moment says that he only has $3 in his wallet... until his next paycheck comes.

“To a certain point, you just start losing faith in yourself,” King says.


And at a certain point the viewer loses faith in the story.

Greg Sargent of the Washington Post reports that King was described in the local paper in 2009 as the vice treasurer for the Midland County Young Republicans, and his Facebook page has photos of him at the 2011 state GOP convention.

Indeed in the Facebook album called ‘Republican State Convention 2011 - Grand Rapids’ King seems to be having a grand old time.

However King’s public Facebook wall reveals a different side to the the bologna misery. It’s one that involves eating a bacon, sausage, egg and cheese burrito with beer, buying an excellent new speed-metal cd from the band In Flames, and getting wasted deford style.

Other than having to work on Memorial Day, poor guy, King’s cup seems to be overflowing.

Meanwhile, David Weigel of Slate thinks the ad will still reach a large demographic.

‘Sure, it seems like King got to star in this ad because of his work as a Republican volunteer. That’s sort of odd. It’s not that hard to find people in worse shape than him,’ Weigel wrote on Friday. ‘But a young white guy who’s just out of college and is struggling because he could only find a lousy job? Gee, do we think there are any voters this rings true to? Any parents?’


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