Arts Center Funds At $60-Million Mark

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The Orange County Performing Arts Center’s fund-raising campaign has reached the $60-million mark, Center officials announced Wednesday.

Officials also announced that the campaign has exceeded goals set a year ago under a $2-million Harry G. Steele Foundation challenge grant.

The $60-million total includes $44 million raised for construction of the complex in Costa Mesa’s South Coast Plaza Town Center, plus $l6 million for an endowment fund to underwrite operations and maintenance.


Under provisions of its 1984 challenge grant, the Steele foundation said it would donate $1 million for construction if another $1 million in cash were raised from other sources. Center aides said Wednesday that $1.5 million in cash from other sources were raised plus an additional $2 million in pledges. Included in this category is a $400,000 contribtuion from a new support group, the Angels of the Arts.

The foundation also announced that it would donate $1 million to the endowment fund provided that $3 million in cash or deferred gifts were raised from other sources for the fund. Center aides said this goal also was topped, with nearly $4 million raised from other sources in 1984.