Filled With Everything From Chinese to Greek Treats : Tasty Turnover Sandwiches Make a Welcome Change-of-Pace Lunch


There are parents who tear their hair out trying to wean their children away from the traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

For six elementary school years, no other combination crosses the youngsters' lips. Bologna on white or a ham and cheese on rye can be substituted, but many youngsters turn up their noses at these suggestions.

What that lunch box needs is something new and different. Try turnover sandwiches for a change of pace--a little mystery, a bit of intrigue.

They all look the same from the outside, and only after munching a bite out of the corner does the eater discover fillings that can range from Chinese, Italian or Greek to a dessert version filled with apples.

Turnovers are not only for the crayon and chalk-board set. They fit into adults' lunch boxes as well and when made in smaller sizes are fine for snacks or hors d'oeuvres.

In line with adult tastes, the seasonings can be increased, if desired.

Cream cheese pastry is almost foolproof. The mixture can stand up to a lot of abuse on the part of the cook and is a natural for those who have had no experience with rolling out dough.

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