Long Beach

The City Council approved the appointment Tuesday of 11 Long Beach residents to a task force that will draw up operating recommendations for the financially troubled Long Beach Symphony.

In November, the symphony canceled the remainder of its 1984-85 season because of growing debts.

In making the nominations, Mayor Ernie Kell noted that the symphony would not be forced to go along with ideas made by the task force, but insisted that "community pressure" would ensure some compliance.

"I don't think anyone can deny that there are some problems with the structure of the symphony management," Kell said.

The task force will hold its first meeting Jan. 16 and issue a report by March 1, Kell said.

Developer Robert Langslet will act as chairman of the task force; tire store owner George Talin will serve as vice chairman.

Other members are Stephen Horn, president of Cal State Long Beach; Elaine Hutchison, president of the Apartment Assn., California Southern Cities; attorney James Ackerman; corporate fund-raiser Tony Tortorice; Vance Caesar, general manager of the Long Beach Press-Telegram; City Auditor Robert Fronke; Henry Meyer, chairman of the Long Beach Business and Commerce Political Action Committee; attorney Leo Vander Lans, and industrialist George Koppel.

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