You Don't Ask the Subscription Price for This Magazine

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What do you give the person who has everything? The new magazine that money can't buy.

"I had the idea for this magazine because the rich are getting richer," said Alan Walsh, the editor of Debrett's Magazine, which will be sent to the aristocrats who own 75% of the land in Britain and control 84% of its wealth.

Over champagne breakfast at an exclusive Pall Mall club Thursday, Debrett's Peerage, which for 200 years has chronicled Britain's aristocracy, announced that it has joined Morgan-Grampian publishers to produce the magazine that will be sent directly and without charge to 43,000 blue bloods and "achievers."

Other people--apart from the select 43,000 listed in Debrett's Peerage and Debrett's Handbook--simply will not be able to obtain the magazine, the publishers said.

"This magazine will be the magazine that money can't buy," Debrett's Chairman Ian McCorquodale told guests over wild mushrooms, oysters and smoked salmon.

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