Rescued Boy Willing to Testify, He Says

A 13-year-old Long Beach boy who returned home after being lured away by an accused child molester nearly two years ago said he is willing to testify against the man, but otherwise prefers not to discuss those lost years. Bobby Smith said he is willing to appear at Monday's scheduled bail hearing in Rhode Island for David R. Collins, 55, a former neighbor accused of kidnaping him in April, 1983. But he said he will not return to a Long Beach counseling center where he was taken for the first time Wednesday. "I don't need to go to no counseling," he told the Associated Press. "I'm not going there again. I hate 'em, the counselor people. I just don't like to talk." His mother, Doris Smith, said the boy was not pressed by the staff at Cedar House in Long Beach, but he refused to discuss the alleged kidnaping.

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