City Council Has Yet to Decide on Psychic Fair Fees

The continuation of psychic fairs that have been held monthly at the Palos Verdes Inn may hinge on how the City Council interprets the municipal code regarding business licenses.

Linda Fowler, coordinator for the events, has been operating since October, 1984, with a temporary business license. When she applied for a yearly license last week, questions arose as to whether the psychic fairs can be classified as a "temporary business" or--since all the events for the year are scheduled at the same location--are to be regarded as taking place in a "fixed location."

The council voted this week to classify the fairs under the fixed-location designation, which requires a $576 annual fee per employee. This would apply to each of the six to eight psychic readers who participate at each event.

Fowler asked the council if the business license rate would be reduced if admission to the event were free--there is now a $1 admission fee--and if the psychic reader accepted donations as opposed to the $10 charge for each 15-minute reading. City Atty. Gordon Phillips was unable to provide an immediate answer but said he would investigate.

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