The city has revised its 23-year-old sign ordinance to regulate the size and type of signs new businesses may have.

The ordinance, which the City Council passed unanimously, does not affect existing businesses.

The council is expected to give final approval to the ordinance at its Feb. 5 meeting. The measure will become law 30 days after final passage.

The new ordinance prohibits animated, moving or flashing signs, roof-mounted signs, billboards, and permanent banners, balloons and pennants.

The ordinance regulates the size and height of specific signs. For example, a sign's size cannot exceed 60% of the size of the building frontage, a window sign can take up no more than 40% of the available space and the maximum height of a pole-mounted sign is 25 feet.

"The ordinance was decades old and it was time to set some new standards," said City Manager William Holt. "It does affect the visual appearance of the community."

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