West Los Angeles

Residents of the area surrounding the Westside Pavilion expressed their opposition at a public hearing Tuesday to the granting of liquor licenses for the shopping mall's restaurants. Westfield Inc., the mall developer, has requested on-site liquor sale permits for 10 fast-food restaurants with a common seating area, and eight other restaurants in the mall.

Many of the 50 people who attended the hearing voiced concern that boisterous patrons leaving the proposed restaurants would park on neighborhood streets and create late-night disturbances. Under the present plan, the three ground-floor restaurants fronting Pico Boulevard would stay open until 2 a.m.

Residents suggested an earlier closing time. In addition, several opposed the serving of beer and wine in the open court area because the spot would attract children and teen-agers.

A Community Task Force recommended approval of the permit with certain conditions. The group suggested that the mall remain open and accessible during restaurant hours; that signs encourage on-site parking and that the task force be notified of a change in leaseholders or in the ratio of "bar space" to total used space.

Richard Green, president of Westfield Inc., said that restaurant patrons would be encouraged to use the mall parking structure.

Robert Janovici, associate zoning administrator, asked the developer to send him a statement regarding the possible restriction of liquor sales in the food court area and shortening the hours of operation for the three ground-floor restaurants. He is expected to make a decision within five weeks.

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