Rerouting Jet Takeoffs Is Possible, FAA Says

The Federal Aviation Administration has said for the first time that it might be possible to change the takeoff pattern from Burbank Airport so that jets go over Burbank and Glendale instead of the San Fernando Valley.

An FAA official said last week that an agency study has determined that rerouting takeoffs “is feasible under certain conditions.”

The change was requested by airport officials to reduce noise problems over the Valley.

All jets now take off from the north-south runway at the airport and bank to the west.


The FAA determined that the jets could also safely bank to the east. Some smaller private aircraft already do.

FAA official Charles Aalfs said the finding is “very preliminary” and does not mean that the proposal will be implemented. He said it must be determined whether jets at Burbank would conflict with other air traffic if directed east.

The proposal has drawn angry reaction from residents of Burbank and Glendale, who want to prevent an increase in airline noise there.