The Odyssey Gets a ‘No’ Vote

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I wish to state some relevant facts that were not mentioned in the Odyssey Club article (Times, Dec. 23) which gave the impression that the Odyssey is an innocent victim of neighborhood intolerance and harassment.

The opposite is true. The unruly patrons of the club have, for seven years, subjected the residents in a mile-square area to unprecendented distrurbances every night from 9:30 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Due to the limited off-street parking provided by the club, the patrons park their cars in unauthorized parking lots and city streets in the surrounding residential area. The carousing antics of the patrons, many of whom are teen-agers, include drinking, pot smoking, boisterous laughter, stereo playing, urinating , defacating, fornicating and general hooliganism-all of which takes place just outside our bedroom windows.


As a former businessman and resident of Los Angeles for 38 years, I have never encountered anything remotely comparable to the turmoil caused by the operation of a business such as the Odyssey. The testimony of the neighborhood residents during a year of open hearings conducted by the police commissioners at Parker Center and Croft School resulted in the hearing officer’s decision for denial of license renewal. During this current probationary period the Odyssey Club has continued to violate the conditions prescribed by the police commissioners.

Businesses which are guilty of sanitary, moral or health transgressions have been called to account. Vilolators of air pollution laws and industrial wastes that poison the air and water wells have been fined and had their licesnses revoked. The Odyssey is also a polluter. It attracts patrons who have literally polluted our area into a cesspool and created a blight in our community.

The renewal of the Odyssey Club’s license would be an endorsement of gross violations of our sanitary, moral, health and zoning laws. CARL LEVIN Los Angeles