Governor Changed his mind about the announced...

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Governor Changed his mind about the announced appointment of Virgil R. Moslander as state police chief when it was learned that Moslander would receive a $58,000-a-year salary and a $22,000-a-year disability pension. J. J. Dennis will continue as interim chief for the time being.

Was presented with a silk-screen print commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement by the University of California Student Lobby for his contributions to higher education. "I'm speechless," the governor said in accepting the abstract print. It was described as depicting an animal that looks like a horse running in People's Park, the site of 1969 UC student rioting.

Assembly Bills Introduced:

Organ Transplants: AB 631 by Assemblyman Bill Leonard (R-Redlands) would require hospitals to ask a deceased patient's family about organ donations to aid in future transplant operations.

Special License Plates: AB 615 by Assemblyman Tom McClintock (R-Thousand Oaks) would authorize special license plates for active members of the military reserves.

Nuclear Power Plants: AB 626 by Assemblywoman Gwen Moore (D-Los Angeles) would require public utilities owning nuclear power plants to establish decommissioning plans and set up trust funds to pay for them.

Primary Elections: AB 667 by Assemblyman Ross Johnson (R-La Habra) would move the presidential primary to the first Tuesday after the second Monday in March and the direct statewide primary to the first Tuesday after Labor Day in September.

Senate Bills Introduced: Lottery: SB 374 by Sen. Paul B. Carpenter (D-Cypress) would let a governing board of a school district spend state lottery proceeds at its discretion.

Air Bags: SB 369 by Sen. Diane Watson (D-Los Angeles) would require new state- and county-owned automobiles to be equipped with air bag safety restraints after Jan. 1, 1986.

Miscellany Higher Alcoholic Beverage Taxes?: "The state budget surplus has ruined our timing," this month's California Church Council newsletter complained regarding its plan to sponsor a bill to raise state beer and liquor taxes. ". . . It was not possible to get bipartisan support or any indication from the governor that he would consider an increase," the newsletter added. "Maybe next year!"

New Senate Campaign Spending Record: Sen. Becky Morgan (R-Los Altos Hills) and San Mateo County Supervisor Arlen Gregorio spent more than $1.6 million to set a new state Senate campaign spending record in their race last year. They broke the old mark of $1.4 million set by Sen. Gary K. Hart (D-Santa Barbara) and his Republican opponent in 1982. But they didn't even come close to the legislative record of $3.3 million racked up in a 1982 Assembly race won by Tom Hayden (D-Los Angeles).

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