West Hollywood

The Group W Cable network will install new cable lines at 23 locations over the next two months. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic may be affected. The sites are:

South side of Holloway Drive, between Palm and Hancock avenues (Feb. 18-28).

North side of Sunset Boulevard, between Clark Boulevard and Horn Street (Feb. 22-March 5).

Holloway, from Westmount Drive to West Knoll Drive (Feb. 21-28).

North side of West Knoll, from Westmount to Santa Monica Boulevard (Feb. 21-28).

South side of Holloway, from Westmount to Hacienda Place (Feb. 20-March 1).

East side of Hacienda, from Holloway to Fountain Avenue (Feb. 22-March 1).

South side of Fountain, from La Cienega Boulevard to Olive Drive (Feb. 26-March 8)

North side of Fountain from Olive to Havenhurst Drive (Feb. 26-March 8)

East side of Sweetzer Avenue, from Fountain to DeLongpre Avenue (Feb. 26-March 8)

South side of Fountain, from Gardener Street to Formosa Avenue (March 6-14).

West side of Formosa, from Fountain to Lexington Avenue (March 8-15)

North side of Lexington from Formosa to Detroit Street (March 11-15).

West side of Vista, from Fountain to Lexington (March 12-25).

North side of Melrose Avenue, from Huntley Drive to San Vicente Boulevard. (March 12-14).

East side of San Vicente, from Melrose to the Public Library in West Hollywood Park (March 12-14).

North side of Sunset Boulevard from Carol Drive to Lacollina Drive (March 13-22).

West side of Hills Road, from Sunset to Sunset Vale Avenue (March 14-26).

East side of Carol, from Sunset to first alley south of Sunset (March 21-April 1).

Intersection of Rangely Avenue, east of Doheny Drive (March 14-April 1).

South side of Romaine Street, from Hayworth Avenue (March 15-April 2).

From Fairfax Avenue to alley south of Santa Monica Boulevard (March 13-April 2).

West side of Harper Avenue, in vicinity of Norton Avenue (March 19-April 1).

Harper, in vicinity of Sunset (March 27-April 5).

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