The PopMeter

Compiled by Lori E. Pike

“Centerfield,” John Fogerty’s first album in 10 years, won resounding approval from almost all panelists on this month’s PopMeter, where best-selling LPs are rated by Times pop music critics and a guest panelist--this month, it’s Ramones’ singer Joey Ramone. The energetic solo effort by the former Creedence Clearwater Revival leader was awarded an 85--the highest score in PopMeter history. Ramone, who gave the album a 100, waxed euphoric: “I found it refreshing, exciting, genuine, honest, inspiring--and it made me very happy.” He also had kind words for the mother-daughter country team the Judds: “They have lots of spunk, and I think their record was a tasty morsel.” On the other end of the spectrum, Ramone awarded Giuffria a zero, stating simply, “You can’t dance to ‘em.”

Robert Lori Patrick Connie Chris Randy Albums Hilburn Pike Goldstein Johnson Willman Lewis “CENTERFIELD” 93 90 91 40 91 93 John Fogerty (Warner Brothers) “WHY NOT ME” 42 62 84 61 44 78 The Judds (RCA) “ALL THE RAGE” 61 72 46 32 68 74 General Public (IRS) “AGENT PROVOCATEUR” 46 45 53 72 50 46 Foreigner (Atlantic) “GIUFFRIA” 17 25 37 36 13 24 Giuffria (MCA)

Joey Albums Ramone “CENTERFIELD” 100 John Fogerty (Warner Brothers) “WHY NOT ME” 80 The Judds (RCA) “ALL THE RAGE” 75 General Public (IRS) “AGENT PROVOCATEUR” 65 Foreigner (Atlantic) “GIUFFRIA” 0 Giuffria (MCA)

Albums AVERAGE “CENTERFIELD” 85 John Fogerty (Warner Brothers) “WHY NOT ME” 64 The Judds (RCA) “ALL THE RAGE” 61 General Public (IRS) “AGENT PROVOCATEUR” 54 Foreigner (Atlantic) “GIUFFRIA” 22 Giuffria (MCA)

The ratings point system: 90-100, excellent; 70-89, good; 50-69, fair; 30-49, weak; 0-29, meltdown.